작가는 고향인 미국 필리델피아에서 예술 대학을 졸업한 뒤 이탈리아 북부에서 2년 간 그래픽 디자이너으로 이력을 쌓았다. 이 후 다시 고향으로 돌아가 본격적으로 예술 활동을 시작하며 회화 작가로 발돋움 한다. 그래서 앤디의 초기 작들은 디자인 활동의 영향을 받아 깔끔하고 단정한 드로잉 위에 반듯한 면 채색으로 이루어져있다. 16년 도부터 작가 본인의 회화적인 시도를 위해 면에 명암을 넣기 시작하며 보다 풍성한 화풍을 지향하기 시작했다. 앤디의 작품 속 인물들의 묘한 표정과 끝을 알 수 없는 열린 결말의 상황 묘사 능력과 더불어 이러한 화풍은 국적을 가리지 않고 사랑받고 있으며, The New York Times, MTV, Apple, Samsung, BMW와 같은 국제 기업들의 러브콜을 통해 지속적으로 협업을 진행 중이다. 또한 뉴욕에서 설립된 Art Directors Club에서 Young Gun으로 선정되며, 지금까지도 미국, 호주, 한국을 중심으로 활발한 작업 활동을 이어가고 있다.

Andy graduated from his hometown, The University of the Arts, Phillidephpia and spent two years in the Northern part of Italy as a graphic designer. He returned to his hometown and began his career as a painter. His works in the beginning consist of clean, simple drawings with straight planes of colors on top, influenced from his design works. In 2016, Andy started to add a more painterly shading method on the planes to create ample landscape. Andy’s work touches on the eerie facial expressions and describes a situational storytelling with an open ending. He has an international audience having collaborated with International companies like The New York Times, MTV, Apple, Samsung, and BMW. He was also selected as the Young Gun at the Art Directors Club established in New York and continues as an active artist in the US, Australia and Korea.

  • Chair with Fruit, 2021

  • Birthday, 2017

  • Lesson Break, 2017

  • Hotdog, 2017

  • Study Break, 2021

  • One with Nature, 2021

  • Autumn Escape, 2020

  • Reflection, 2021

  • Lost in the Finite, 2021

  • Morning, 2021

  • Eve, 2021

2020 Inside Outside, Select Group Exhibition, Mucciaccia Gallery, NYC
2019 "Quando, Quando, Quando", Select Group Exhibition, Antonio Colombo Gallery, Milan
2017 Andy Rementer is Back, Solo Exhibition, Fondazione Benetton, Treviso, Italy
Again, Solo Exhibition, Everyday Mooonday Gallery, Seoul
2016 The Age of Innocence, Select Group Exhibition, Antonio Colombo Gallery, Milan
2015 Together, Solo Exhibition, Commune Gallery, Tokyo
All Types of Characters, Select Group Exhibition, Joshua Liner Gallery, NYC
Andy Rementer, Solo Exhibition, Everyday Mooonday Gallery, Seoul
2014 Meet Me Later, Solo Exhibition, Mondo Cane, NYC
2013 Pictoplasma NYC, Select Group Exhibition, Cappellini, Soho, NYC
2012 Haw-Lin Shows You, Select Group Exhibition, The I.P.H, London, UK
The Early Bird Hype, Solo Exhibition, Berlin, Germany
I Wish I Knew, Solo Exhibition, Mondo Cane, NYC
Part of Pictoplasma, Solo Exhibition, Berlin
Going Places, Solo Exhibition, Ship of Fools Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands
2011 Pick Me Up, Select Group Exhibition, Somerset House, London, UK
Making Excuses, Solo Exhibition, B2, Philadelphia, PA
My Mondo, Solo Exhibition, Mondo Cane, NYC, Part of Pictoplasma NYC
Perfect Strangers, Solo Exhibition, Reward, Philadelphia, PA
2009 Ship of Fools, Select Group Exhibition, Ship of Fools Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands
2008 Freakopolis, Solo Exhibition, Open Space, Beacon, NY
Reference Library Mini-Exhibition, Select Group Exhibition, Kiosk, New York, NY
2007 If you could do anything tomorrow what would it be?, Select Group Exhibition, Curated by It’s Nice That, Exposure Gallery, London, UK
I Love Tourism, Select Group Exhibition, Bevilacqua la Masa Gallery, Venice, Italy
2006 Centre Pompidou, Select Group Exhibition, Paris, France
Charming Suicide, Select Group Exhibition, ORO Gallery, Goteburg, Sweden