윤협은 뉴욕을 거점으로 활동중인 서울 태생의 아티스트이다. 2000년대 초반의 윤협은 거리의 벽에 그림을 그리거나 DJ들과 함께 라이브 페인팅을 진행했다. 이 후 음악과 스케이트 보딩으로 부터 받은 감명을 선과 점 요소를 사용해 즉흥적인 표현 방법을 탐구해 지금의 스타일을 만들어 왔다. 선과 점을 이용한 추상적인 패턴과 독특한 표현의 도시 풍경이 담긴 화풍은 국적과 관계 없이 많은 사랑과 러브콜을 받게 했으며 지금도 Nike, Facebook, NY, 메디콤 패브릭, 치넬리 와 같은 여러 기업들과의 협업으로 페브릭 굿즈, 레이싱 캡과 같은 다양한 굿즈들에서 윤협의 패턴을 볼 수 있다. 윤협 작가는 2021년, 최근의 홍콩의 ‘While you sleep’ 전시와 같이 도쿄, 상하이, 서울에서도 개인전을 기획하며 회화 작가로서의 기반을 다지고 있다.

Yoon Hyup was born in Seoul and is currently based in New York. In the early 2000s, Yoon Hyup painted street walls and collaborated with DJs, live painting. Inspired by music and skateboarding, he developed his own style, experimenting with dots and lines and spontaneous mark making methodology. His abstract patterns using dots and lines and the unique expression of urban landscape caught the attention of the public, internationally. He continues to collaborate with various companies like Nike, Facebook, NY, Madicom Fabric, Chineli where you can see his patterns on fabric products, racing caps and other various products. In 2021, Yoon Hyup presented exhibitions like ‘While you sleep’ in Hong Kong and solo shows in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Seoul as he develops as a painter.

  • Venice Beach, 2019

  • Summer Breeze 2, 2019

  • Summer Poetry 1, 2019

  • Untitled_1, 2019

  • Untitled_2, 2019

  • Rooftop Jam, 2019

  • Are You There, 2019

  • I’m Here, 2019

  • Untitled_1, 2016

  • Untitled_2, 2016

2021 While you sleep, Solo Exhibition, Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong
2020 Postcards of 2020, Group Exhibition, StolenSpace Gallery, London, UK
Busan Art Fair with Everyday Mooonday Gallery, Busan, Korea
The Brand new doors : contemporary landscape, Group Exhibition at Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong
“Kaleidoscope” Solo Exhibition, StolenSpace Gallery, London, UK
“Fine Line” Group exhibition, StolenSpace Gallery, London, UK
Scope Art Fair with GR gallery, New York, US
Wet Paint Miami, Group Exhibition, Museum of Graffiti, Miami, US
2019 Pulse Art Fair, GR Gallery, Miami Art Week, Miami, US
Innervisions, Solo Exhibition, Antonio Colombo Gallery, Milan, Italy
Line and Dot, Solo Exhibition, Everyday Mooonday Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Midnights, Duo Exhibition, GR Gallery, New York, US
2018 Headlights, Solo Exhibition, The Yard, New York, US
Kinetic, Duo exhibition, Kinfolk, New York, US
Improvisation, Solo Exhibition supported by HUF, New York, US
2017 Rhythm and Flow, Solo Exhibition supported by HUF, 16 Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Pop and Street, Group Exhibition, Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Lumine Meets Art, Elevator Art Exhibition, Shinjuku Lumine 1, Tokyo, Japan
Quest, Group Exhibition at Hpgrp Gallery, New York, US
Air Max Con, Group Exhibition presented by Nike, Hong Kong
2015 Sideways: Exploring Skateboard Art + Culture, Group Exhibition, Dennos Museum Center, Michigan, US
2014 Project X, Group Exhibition presented by Jordan brand, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong
Winter Hideout, Group Exhibition, Portland, US
Aura Division Tour, Group Exhibition, Bilbao, Spain
2013 Disney Art Toy, Group Exhibition, KEPCO Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Amoeba Hood in Seoul, Group Exhibition, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Creative Cities, Group Exhibition, Kaoshiung Design Festival, Kaoshiung, Taiwan
2012 Evolution, Solo Exhibition, rm.360, Seoul Korea
2009 Blue Dot Asia, Group Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
Haechi Parade, Group Exhibition, Seoul Olympic Stadium, Seoul, Korea
Si-bi Wol, Group Exhibition, Chungjunggak Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Habits, Group Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
2008 Be True, Group Exhibition Presented by Nike Korea, Seoul, Korea
Understand, Group Exhibition, aA Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Block Buster, Group Exhibition, Kyung Sung University, Busan, Korea
2007 1 Love, Group Exhibition Presented by Nike Korea, Seoul, Korea
2006 Mini 3D Gallery, Group Exhibition Presented by Mini, Seoul, Korea
Litter Gram, Pop-up Exhibition with 360 Sounds, Seoul, Korea
2004 Air Jordan, Group Exhibition Presented by Nike Korea, Seoul, Korea
Sneaker Culture, Group Exhibition Presented by Nike Korea, Seoul, Korea
Pop-up Exhibition with Afroking, Seoul, Korea