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We’re Everyday Mooonday !

Complex Cultural Space

Everyday MooondayAbout us

에브리데이몬데이는 일러스트, 아트토이, 캐릭터아트를 중점으로 소개하는 갤러리이며 페인팅, 조각, 애니메이션 등 다양한 작품들을 한자리에서 보고 느끼며 즐기실 수 있습니다.

EVERYDAY MOOONDAY는 언제나 ‘MONSTER’와 함께한다는 뜻으로써 EVERYDAY +MONSTER+DAY를 의미합니다. 여기서 말하는 'MONSTER'는 여러 작가들의 독창적인 캐릭터들을 뜻합니다. 에브리데이몬데이는 전시장, 아트토이 스토어, 카페, 소규모 공연장 등 으로 이루어진 복합 문화 공간입니다. 전시 뿐만 아니라 각종 이벤트, 공연, 전시와 관련된 아티스트 토크와 세미나 등이 열리기도 합니다.

Everyday Mooonday is an art gallery in Seoul, Republic of Korea, which is mainly focused on character and toy art. We aim to spread out monsters, creative characters made by artists, to the world for magical surprise and happiness.

Everyday Mooonday means everyday is a monster day; monsters in the gallery will always welcome you with pleasure when you visit the space. We exhibit the monsters through various media: paintings, prints, sculptures, animations and so on. Not only limited to exhibitions but we also host events, concerts and conferences in regards to the monsters. Everyday Mooonday is located in a mixed-used building, which has a gallery, toy store, concert hall, cafe and residences for artists and neighbourhoods. Our gallery manages every program in the building to create a special community that is based on same artistic interest.

Director,Diny Lee




    Tuesday to Sunday 10pm - 8pm *Closed on Monday


    Terrace / Parking Lot


    Tuesday to Thursday 11am - 9pm
    Friday to Sunday 11am - 10pm*Closed on Monday


    Art Shop / Cafe


    Tuesday to Thursday 11am - 9pm
    Friday to Sunday 11am - 10pm*Closed on Monday

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Songpa Micro HousingBy SsD Architecture Office

갤러리 건축물은 뉴욕, 보스톤, 서울에 기반을 두고 있는 SsD건축사무소가 설계했으며, 이 건물의 Schematic Plan은 2012년 'A|A/BSA Un-built Architecture Awards'를 수상하였습니다.

This Gallery architecture is designed by SsD architecture office: based in New York, Boston and Seoul. The schematic plan of this building got AIA/BSA un-built architecture award in 2012.


American Architecture Prize Gold Prize
Seoul Architectural Award Great Prize
AIANY Honor Award


AIANY Honor Award
AIANY Best in Competition Award, Architectural Record Feature


AIA/BSA Honor Award
AIA NE Award
ArchDaily Featured